Child Labour

ALR’s Activities to abolish child labour



 We all know very well that child labor is one of major problems in Myanmar where is trying to change into a demoncrative country.As we all know that it is not only prevailing in developing countries but aslo it is a cursed in developed countries.In Myanmar, the lack of education and lower income level of the people is the main problem The other reasons for flourishing the child labour in our country are the instability of political environment and civil war.

This is not only the government responsibility, we as a citizen should forward our steps for elimination of this problem. ALR belive that there is no better way to prevent child labor than to make education compulsory. Workshop is aslo included in our activities . By doing this with Local and International organizations such as trade unios, ILO and save the children, we can reduce the child labor problems.

Our target group is the child who is working in the hazardous factory and construction site, their families, employers or manger level and trade unions ,and lobbying government .



Our Recommandations:


Awareness raising activities should be arranged so that people are informed about children’s rights to education and leisure.

Provision of health and educational services for working children should be ensured.

Plan works to raise awareness of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Providing all children with access to education is every government’s responsibility, as well as a practical response to preventing child labor. Free, compulsory, relevant and good-quality education services should be given.

Laws and regulations against child labor must be in place and rigorously enforced by governments should be in manner.

Base programming on children’s own perception of what constitutes safe / harmful / age appropriate / educational labor.

Civil society and media engagement can change attitudes and it can condemn child labor. It can also helps in raising awareness of its harmful effects on health and development will help alleviate children’s vulnerability to abuse

Social programs to support families in need and help them find alternative income to replace their child’s employment will help prevent child labor. Such support is also needed for child-headed households, orphans and children’s.

Disabled children must receive priority attention due to their particular vulnerability to exploitation in the worst forms of child labor on the streets.

Expand education services to make them accessible to working children.

Expand education services to make them accessible to working children.

To give priority attention to immediately eliminating the worst forms of child labor with appropriate programs.

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