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How ALR investigations work

In every investigation, the  ALR works with local labor rights NGOs ,Labour Unions , workers and legal experts. Investigations are coordinated by a member of the ALR, who may or may not work on site. A central criterion in the selection of personnel to perform investigative work is an individual's capacity to assess the evidence objectively.

ALR investigators conduct comprehensive interviews with workers in their homes and communities (where they are free to speak candidly). The ALR also interviews local government labor authorities, relevant labor union officials and legal experts, plant managers and visually inspects the plant if management allows. The ALR  reviews relevant records and documents as well as scholary and journalistic materials that bear on the situation. Then the ALR analyzes all of the evidence gathered. When violations are identified, the ALRwill make recommendations for remedial action to factory management. The ALR issues reports detailing the findings of our investigations, the evidentiary basis for the findings, recommended remedial steps, and the status of remedial action. Whenever possible, the ALR seeks to work with the employers or managers, its buyers and its goverments to correct violations before a report is released, so that these positive changes can be reflected in the public report.

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