Working Women


                   Working Women in Myanmar


Challenges Faced by Working Women


In the present modern age, every working sector like Government, Semi-Government, Private and local has laws, rules, regulation. But unfortunately, there are still some sectors where no law, rules, regulations and system is development especially for the protection of their rights and the owners operating their own ruling.


These Working Woman Workers that we focus have no basic human rights as well as labour rights and are exploited by their owners vastly. They start their work early in the morning till late night. Sometime they also work continuous 24 or 48 hours without taking any rest and without any extra payment. In Myanmar,There are workplaces extremely violated basic human Rights, for instance, being punished because of  no willing to work over time and being sacked because of involving in unions and giving birth.


These workers are being treated as slaves and sometimes  young female workers have to work in dangerous workplace and long time working hours with low wages.  They don’t know about their basic rights and have no information about their rights of jobs. These workers are living very miserable life without any facility like sanitation, health, school, electricity and entertainment. They are totally unaware about woman rights in existing laws.


We are working to:

  1. provide information, advice and legal aid about work related issues such as: wages, working conditions, unfair dismissal, superannuation, discrimination, Workplace Rights for Women Who are Pregnant or Returning to Work , Negotiating with Employers and workplace bullying.
  2. Promote and strengthen women's leadership
  3. make awareness raisings;Sexual Harassment at work, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and woman rights;with other local organizations such as GEN and Akayar,  which is promoting woman issues.
  4. Organise conferences, seminars, research and other educational activities on the subject of working women’s work.


ALR gives particular attention to:

  • focus on young woman, woman in low paid jobs , woman who have a disability , women with family responsibilities, women in rural and remote areas, woman in insecure,  as well as those commonly neglected by other labour rights organisations;



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